Compass Systems methodology for basic systems and solutions for cost-efficient way to move material.

Finding a solution means finding the most cost-efficient way to move your material with minimum labor and maximum reliability.

With over 1,500 solutions behind us, we never really start with a clean sheet of paper. We know the basic systems that will work best. However, rather than shoehorn someone else’s solution into your application, we engineer a system that fits within the limitations of your facility and budget.

image of a book for learning industry knowldge and information about Compass Systems

Questions always precede answers. We combine our substantial industry knowledge with information about your particular application, needs and requirements.


Image of a pencil and paper for design work for the a basic system.

We proceed to design the basic system that will best meet your needs.


Image of a computer for a engineering and resources for research.

Then we set about testing components and finalizing design details. Our roots are in engineering and our substantial in-house resources assure system excellence.


Image for bulding and showing Compass Systems has the capacity for a metalworking facility with latest production technology.

All non-standard components are fabricated in our own 125,000 sq. ft. metalworking facility, fully equipped with the latest production technology.


Image of a hard hat for installation and Compass Systems installing new systems accross the world.

Compass crews have installed systems around the world. Sometimes the job requires building the material handling solution in an existing building, and sometimes it requires an entirely new building. In either case, Compass has designed and built the system for efficient site installation.


Image for Compass Systems performance garuntee and meeting design specifications.
Performance Guarantee

Compass Systems & Sales, LLC guarantees that the system we provide will perform to the design specifications outlined in the proposal package. Should our equipment fail to meet the design specifications, we will correct the system deficiency at our expense.

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