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ELLIS COIL SEPARATOR, heavy-duty unit for handling large metails and paper rolls.ELLIS COIL SEPARATOR

A heavy-duty unit for handling large metal coils and paper rolls that have been slit to size. After slitting, coils or rolls are placed on the Coil Separator where the slit coils can be easily, and safely, separated. Easy to use controls are mounted on the motor side of the unit. The screw-driven unit can be shipped complete with safety barriers or other optional equipment. Coil Separators can also be customized in a number of ways to accommodate individual slitting operations.

TRIMVAC® standarized unit to handle trim scrap when working with paper.TRIMVAC®

Standardized units to handle trim scrap when working with paper, foil, laminates, cloth, carpet and a number of other materials. TRIMVAC® brand units offer both reliability and energy conservation. Because they operate under negative pressure, you get low noise levels and quick performance in one versatile machine.



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