Pulp, Paper, & Converting

  • Material handling system designs for converying fabrications.
  • Material handling system designs for converying fabrications.
  • Material handling system designs for converying fabrications.


This is the industry we cut our teeth on and few material handling system designers can match the breadth and depth of our industry experience. As the exclusive Trimvac® licensee in the United States, we also bring some of the most innovative, energy-saving solutions to paper manufacturing markets.


Developing innovative solutions in this market often means transporting materials over long distances, as well as mastering the use of sophisticated controls. Both are Compass strengths.

In addition, this is a tight-margin market, placing an emphasis on efficiency and energy-saving operation. We have developed a number of design and component innovations that help Compass point the right direction in the Pulp and Paper industry. All of our designs use the fewest number of moving parts possible to reduce both downtime and maintenance costs.


Through years of involvement in the paper industry, we’ve developed a number of high-efficiency components that are fabricated in our Ohio plant. We also have forged relationships with key suppliers of fans, conveyors and other component parts. Our extensive custom fabrication capabilities are used to create highly robust systems noted for their reliability and easy maintenance. Sophisticated controls ensure adequate monitoring and efficient operation throughout the life of the system.


From soil tests through actual construction, Compass takes control. We have supervised and built material handling facilities worldwide.

Compass has developed All (En) Compassing solutions for a number of pulp and paper related applications:


Mid West Fortune 500 Paper Company:

A mid western paper company purchased a new high speed winder and was faced with a problem of finding the space to accommodate the new winder and the trim removal system to handle the waste trim produced by the winder. They initially looked at modifying one of the existing edge trim systems to service this new winder but physically, it would not fit & it posed a major downtime problem to modify the existing system. Read More

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TrimVac® System Benefits


  • Mastery of Sophisticated Controls Ensures Efficient Operation and Maintenance
  • Innovative Trimvac® Solutions Cut Energy Costs
  • Extensive Industry Experience With Many Innovative Solutions
  • All (En) Compassing Solutions Offer Single Point Accountability


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