Who We Are

Image of material handling engineers going over converyer system products.

Image of a material handling engineer.

We are engineers in every sense of the word. We make things work. Our founder, Robert Sherrod, is a material handling engineer. He created a corporate culture dedicated to finding better ways to move materials, including some of the most challenging to handle.

Today we are headquartered in Barberton, Ohio and have installed projects worldwide. Our 125,000 sq. ft. facility puts engineers and fabricators in close proximity assuring the collaboration and oversight necessary to create large systems that function perfectly.

Our engineers design the system, our fabricators build the components, and our professionals oversee installation and thorough testing to ensure that it performs as promised.

However, to us, designing systems is just a starting point. Depending on your needs, we can follow two different paths.

Standard Solutions:

Where possible, we use equipment proven in identical or similar applications. Our standard components range from in-line trim system components including trim plates, industrial exhausters, shredders, separators, and balers to cotton boll field-testing equipment. It is an extensive list.

Custom Solutions:

When required, we design uniquely efficient solutions taking into account the material to be moved, as well as the physical and budgetary challenges that must be overcome.

From our early roots in the paper and pulp industry, we have now developed effective solutions in over 75 different industries moving well over 1,000 different materials.

You can trust Compass to point the way to the most efficient solution.


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