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Aerospace Conveyor Solutions

Important Considerations

Compass custom-engineered scrap recovery systems are in tune with the needs of aerospace plants throughout the supply chain. Given the high cost of many materials used in aerospace, our proven ability to recover and separate materials improves the value of recycled materials while also automating recovery processes to help keep labor costs in line. Our wide ranging experience with both negative and positive airflow systems provides the tools to move materials and parts with the speed, delicacy and distance required in virtually any material handling application.

Compass trash removal systems also offer important benefits in an industry where plant maintenance is critical to the integrity of both the materials and parts being manufactured. Again, a wealth of experience with different forms of trash removal, from screw drives to bucket conveyors, makes it possible to develop the custom system perfectly in-tune with different needs.

Aircraft parts and components can be large, heavy and cause a challenge when it comes to moving parts efficiently. Compass Systems specializes in creating custom aerospace conveyor systems and solutions for your space and aircraft parts to help reduce TAKT time. Below is a list of just some of the Aerospace material handling systems we offer.

Types of Aerospace Conveyors

  • Aluminum Sheet Scrap Segregation Systems Assembly lines for transporting pylons
  • Airplane wing finish line conveyors
  • Aircraft component assembly lines
  • Aerospace component finishing lines
  • Aircraft engine part transportation


Compass Aerospace Industry Experience

  • Compass systems use the least number of moving parts.
  • Our ability to recover and separate materials improves recycling value.
  • Robust systems handle tough metals, maintaining uptime and reliability.
  • Sophisticated controls provide reliable visibility and automated maintenance.
  • Wide-ranging experience with both positive and negative airflow systems enables us to design the system best-suited to every application.
  • Compass-designed and manufactured mechanical conveyors move heavy-duty materials.
  • All (En)Compassing Solutions Provide Single Point Accountability
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We have pioneered ways to move different grades of metals with the least amount of moving parts. This makes Compass systems less prone to failure, downtime and costly maintenance requirements. Our automated conveyance systems use integrated control systems to reduce labor costs. Sophisticated controls also monitor and maintain process visibility in challenging environments and facilities operating 24/7. We use all major sensor brands and match them to the application to ensure both system reliability and dependable monitoring.

In recycling operations, we used tough shredders to maximize the amount of material deposited into rail cars or trucks. The pneumatic system used to transport materials to the shredders are equally tough, often requiring coating of inner tube surfaces to combat abrasion. Our recycling systems have provided 99% reliable material segregation resulting in higher scrap values and elimination of secondary processing.



We fabricate components for material handling systems in our Ohio factory. Here our ASME certified welders ensure that fabrication of components meets or exceeds customer requirements. Every part of a custom system is fit together and tested to ensure smooth installation and reliable performance.



Once your system is ready, we’ll be there to set it up and service it. We have supervised and built material handling facilities worldwide.

Service & Parts

Service & Parts

We are always by your side, with global service support on all of our systems and other systems you may need support with.  Call us for service support, on site audits or other needs our service department may be able to assist with.

Service & Parts

Compass has developed All (En)Compassing solutions

For manufacturers involved in aerospace supply chains worldwide

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