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Electrical Control System Design & Integration

PROBLEM:  A custom-engineered material handling system needs to integrate seamlessly with upstream and downstream systems. However, controls used in the new system may be from a different manufacturer than those used in the rest of the plant. Consider a situation where a briquetting machine, or similar piece of equipment, must be added to a system. However, the desired manufacturer only sells them with one brand of controls, take it or leave it.  Unfortunately, this brand differs from the controls driving the pneumatic system feeding dust to the briquetting machine.  Efficiency, safety and system maintainability may all suffer. 

SOLUTION: As one of the very few custom-engineering groups with the capabilities to design and build custom controls, we are uniquely capable of delivering full systems with perfectly integrated controls to solve your particular material handling problem. The Compass electrical engineering group has both the experience and skills to design controls for multiple hardware and software platforms. This enables Compass custom-engineered systems to perform precisely the way customers specify while integrating seamlessly with upstream and downstream equipment, no matter what type of controls are used throughout the plant. 

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From our early years we recognized the need for custom-engineered controls to make sure our custom-engineered material handling systems operate as promised. For this reason, our electrical engineering group is an important part of every system engineering team. Based on their extensive experience, they recommend the best solution to deliver the performance, safety, ease-of-use and maintainability of the entire system. Our controls are designed with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces and match the programming language of upstream and downstream equipment.

You can also count on Compass to build controls using the the latest components, ensuring the most up-to-date performance. In addition to controls for Compass-designed systems, we also refurbish existing controls and design new ones for systems engineered by others.

Compass custom-engineered systems are in operation around the world with custom controls translated into native languages. Many of these systems are operating in hazardous environments or controlling systems moving hazardous materials. Our electrical engineering group is well-versed in designing controls to meet different standards for foreign markets, including ATEX, UL, CSE and CE.

Custom-engineered systems require custom-engineered controls. The jobs we work on seldom have an off-the-shelf solution. Rather, we develop custom solutions to custom problems, almost always requiring equally customized controls. 


Compass Custom Controls

  • Compass has the experience and ability to engineer controls using multiple hardware and software systems to seamlessly integrate with upstream and downstream equipment.
  • Custom-designed controls improve system performance, safety, ease-of-use and maintainability.
  • All design and fabrication is done in-house.
  • All Compass controls use the latest components to ensure the most up-to-date performance possible.
  • Compass engineers are experienced and skilled at developing controls to operate in hazardous environments and in systems moving hazardous materials.
  • We design controls to standards required around the world, including UL, CSE, CE and ATEX.
  • Compass controls are custom-designed with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Compass also upgrades existing control systems.
  • Compass guarantees the performance of the controls we design and fabricate.

Compass Guarantee:  

We guarantee any control we engineer, build and install will perform as promised, improve the efficiency of your conveying system and seamlessly integrate with upstream and downstream equipment.

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System Audits: 

Please reach out to our technical team regarding a system audit and possible Compass-engineered solutions.  To learn more, or arrange your audit, please contact us here.

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