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In-Line Material Handling Fan

PROBLEM: Many paper, film, corrugated or metal processes generate more scrap than they can handle manually. In these applications a pneumatic scrap handling system is required to get scrap out of the production system without slowing manufacturing speed. However, if the nature of the scrap material is not taken into consideration, maintenance problems may add unexpected expense and compromise efficiency. 

SOLUTION:  Although in-line fan systems are the most basic pneumatic scrap handling systems, the need for custom solutions is strong. Some materials will quickly damage the fans used in these systems, and sometimes fans will damage the scrap making it worth less to recyclers. Abrasive materials will also quickly wear out critical points in the conveyance process.  

Consequently, Compass starts with a detailed look at the material being conveyed when we custom design any in-line fan system. Then we consider the peculiarities of the manufacturing process, the recycling potential and the requirements of scrap recyclers. All play a role in determining the correctly sized and configured system promising the longest service life with the lowest maintenance costs and quickest payback. Our extensive experience moving thousands of different materials provides a head start in determining the system best suited to your particular high-speed scrap handling needs.  

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In-Line Material Handling Fan systems put fans — the air movement generators — into the air flow, reducing the system footprint while maximizing system throughput. These fans pull material through the conveyance tubing to a discharge point, usually some type of hopper configuration. With the same size tubing used throughout the system, the airflow pulling scrap through the system is consistent and scalable. Multiple fans can be sequenced to lengthen travel distance as needed.  

Trim choppers or shredders are incorporated into these systems to get the materials to an optimum size for conveyance. Recycler needs are always a consideration so that discharge areas can be engineered to maximize value to recyclers.  

In-line fan systems are energy efficient, but often generate more dust than other types of systems, so usually require some type of dust collection capability at the discharge point. Noise can also be a concern and can dictate fan placement or the use of silencers. 

In-line material handling fans are not always the best solution for a particular application, particularly when the material has some type of adhesive backing or is exceptionally abrasive. In those applications, our expertise in a wide range of material handling systems, including Venturi-based systems, makes it possible for us to recommend and engineer the right system for the job. 

Converting Edge Trim Removal Systems

interactive image

Cyclone Receiver

Granulator Unit

Eductor Unit

Air Pressure Blower Fans with Outdoor Style Air Intake Silencers

Electromagnetic & Shredder Conveyor Conversion

interactive image

Electromagnet Conveyor Chute

Infeed Hopper and Sprayer with Bypass

Shredder with rollout

Material Handling Fan in Sound Enclosure

Laser Dust Collection System

interactive image

Dust Collector Unit

Air Handling Fans with Custom Designed Sound Enclosure

Briquetter Unit

Clean Air Discharge Diffuser Duct

Multi Line Material Handling System

interactive image

Material Handling Fans

Dust Collection with HEPA Filtration

Material and Air Receiver with Dust Collection Shroud

Air Handling Fan Unit With Discharge Diverter

Inline Silencer Unit


In-Line Material Handling Fan Systems


  • Low energy costs, especially when compared to Venturi-based systems.
  • Scalable: Works efficiently over long conveyance distance using fans in series.
  • Works efficiently with larger diameter conveyance ducts.
  • Reduced airflow to separator / dust collector.


  • Cannot be used to convey large materials or ribbons of material without using in-line cutters between pick-up point and fan.
  • Noise levels can be problematic.  Silencers can be used.
  • Fan blades can wear down when handling abrasive or corrosive materials.
  • Increased dust generation can be created in conveyance.

Compass Guarantee:

We guarantee Compass-engineered systems will be properly sized and designed to suit the application. To the best of our knowledge, Compass is the only in-line material fan resource to guarantee the system for the application.

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System Audits:

Please reach out to our technical team regarding a system audit, and potential Compass-engineered solution, to ensure your material handling system is maximizing productivity and return on investment. 

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