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Loose Fill Packaging

Important Considerations

Seemingly simple products like polystyrene peanuts and bubble pack require complex systems to affordably manufacture. Compass has developed fully automated systems to take extensive costs out of every loose fill packaging system. Our systems move raw beads to expanders, curing bags and finally the curing package using only a single operator. We have developed systems to move both styrene and biodegradable products without damage or unnecessary dust creation. 

Inflatable air cushions and bubble packs also present challenges to pneumatic conveying systems with their combination of large surface area and light weight. Our combination of paper and converting industry experience was helpful in getting us started in the Loose Fill Packaging industry, and we have since developed a number of innovative solutions designed to trim costs while handling delicate materials without damage.


Compass Loose Fill Packaging Experience

  • Highly automated systems build more affordability into manufacturing process 
  • Mastery of sophisticated controls ensures efficient operation and maintenance
  • Systems are designed with minimum moving parts to enhance long life and minimize maintenance requirements
  • Sophisticated electronic controls simplify complex automation
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We have pioneered ways to move materials with the least amount of moving parts. This makes Compass systems less prone to failure, downtime and costly maintenance requirements. Our automated conveyance systems use integrated control systems to reduce labor costs Sophisticated controls also monitor and maintain process visibility in challenging environments and facilities operating 24/7.  We use all major sensor brands and match them to the application to ensure both system reliability and dependable monitoring.  

In recycling operations, we have innovated ways to reliably separate and grind materials.  The pneumatic system used to transport materials to the shredders are equally tough, often requiring coating of inner tube surfaces to combat abrasion.   Our recycling systems have provided 99% reliable material segregation resulting in higher scrap values and elimination of secondary processing. 



We fabricate components for material handling systems in our Ohio factory. Here our ASME certified welders ensure that fabrication of components meets or exceeds customer requirements. Every part of a custom system is fit together and tested to ensure smooth installation and reliable performance.  



Once your system is ready, well be there to set it up and service it.  We have supervised and built material handling facilities worldwide. 


Compass has developed All (En)Compassing solutions

For a number of Loose Fill Packaging needs: 

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