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Mechanical Conveyor Solutions

PROBLEM:  Some scrap is so bulky or heavy it requires a mechanical means of moving from point A to point B.  Often this material is being removed from the plant for recycling or being fed to shredders or balers. 

There are also many situations requiring specialized handling of parts and materials of all sizes and weights. These may include free-flowing materials, boxed parts in a staging application, or finished parts coming off a stamping machine.  Whether the material being moved is small or large, heavy or lightweight, a cost-efficient, low-energy method of conveyance is often required to capture, contain, move and deliver them to a destination inside or outside your plant.

SOLUTION: Compass Systems custom engineers, builds and installs different types of mechanical conveyors depending on the materials being moved and operating environments.  These are low energy, small footprint answers to capturing, containing, moving and delivering scrap, finished parts and different types of materials.  Compass mechanical conveyors are often the most cost-effective method of moving some materials.

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Our Most Commonly Used Solutions

Although we have worked with almost every type of conveyor imaginable, there are types we use most often:

  • Steel Hinged Belt Conveyors
  • Oscillating Conveyors - Forward & Reversing
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Screw-Type Conveyors
  • Rubber Belt Conveyors
  • Plastic Belt Conveyors
  • Bucket Conveyors
  • Powered Roller Conveyors


Frequently Asked


When custom-engineering mechanical conveyor solutions, the most commonly asked questions are:

  • What are you trying to convey?
  • Where are you conveying it to?
  • How much material is being moved?
  • How much budget is available?

The answer to these questions will guide the type of conveyor used and the ultimate design of any solution we recommend. Our most common conveyor types are designed for the application in which they will be used. We have innovated ways to use mechanical conveyors to separate material grades and have developed a number of design features to make Compass conveyors easier to maintain, more durable and better suited to your needs.

  • Custom-engineered solutions to integrate with systems and move different parts or materials.
  • Designed for easy maintenance and long-life durability.
  • Drive mechanisms are shaft mounted for longer life.
  • A variety of linear solutions to capture, contain, move and deliver parts and materials.
  • Different belt types and movers to suit materials and environment.
  • Low energy consumption solutions.
  • Small footprint solutions with motors placed below conveying surface.
  • Typically these are quieter solutions to material handling needs.
  • Compass guarantees the performance of the mechanical conveyors we engineer, build and install for your system.
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Scrap Collection and Shredding Conveying System

interactive image

Stamping Press Chutes

Air Knife Belt Clearing System

Automatic Belt Lubrication System 

Shredder System 

Pneumatic Closing Hopper 

Bin and Roller Conveyor system 

Single Scrap Conveyor Line

interactive image

Tensioning Tail Frame 

Rollout Scrap Cleanout trays

Air Knife Belting Cleanout system

‘D’ style Head Frame 

Automatic Belt Hinge Lubricator 

Electromagnetic and Shredder Conveyor Conversion

interactive image

Electromagnet Conveyor Chute

Infeed Hopper and Sprayer with Bypass

Shredder with rollout

Material Handling Fan in Sound Enclosure

Simplified Injection Feeder Screw Conveyor

interactive image




Compass Guarentee:

We will guarantee that any mechanical we specify will perform in your particular application as promised with minimum maintenance. The complete Compass Systems Guarantee is available here.

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System Audits:

Please reach out to our technical team regarding a system audit, and potential Compass-engineered solution, to ensure your material handling system is maximizing productivity and return on investment.

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