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Startup and Operator Training

Problem:  No matter how much time spent custom-engineering, building and installing a material handling system, Nothing is gained until the system is up and running in your facility, with your people. Until start-up, everything is hypothetical, and the best systems can be undone by the people who actually run the system. If they don’t know what they’re doing, it is unlikely you’ll gain the desired benefits.

Solution: Compass Systems has an on-staff group of start-up and operator training professionals and we make them part of every custom-designed system. Their role is to de-bug the system once it is installed and make sure it’s operating safely and at peak efficiency before turning the keys over to you. 

Our start-up crews verify and prove-out system functions, expose any faults that might exist, implement corrections and make sure the system interfaces properly with your other systems and equipment. They also compile start-up checklists to help you better understand the system and issues that have been resolved.

Compass training professionals prepare all required documentation and train your employees to run and maintain the system. Documents prepared by this team also help make your system sustainable as new employees gain responsibilities related to the system. The depth of training depends on your needs and budget, however, we can include both classroom training and operator maintenance manuals, including multi-shift classes and certification for individuals qualified to run the system. 

Our comprehensive training programs include system-specific powerpoint training for mechanical, electrical and overall operations, as well as service and maintenance issues.

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Before turning the system over to you, we make sure it is running properly and safely.

  • Start-up and power-up entire system, step-by-step.
  • Verify and prove-out system functions.
  • Diagnose faults and take corrective action.
  • Check-out controls and functionality of entire system.
  • Check-out interface with other systems and machines to ensure smooth integration with new system.
  • Develop experience-based checklists and safety procedures.

To ensure the system continues to run smoothly after we leave, we offer comprehensive training for your employees.

  • System-specific training for mechanical, electrical and overall operations.
  • Service and maintenance training.
  • Multi-shift classroom training.
  • Prepare all necessary documentation.
  • Comprehensive testing leading to Compass certification of individuals qualified to run the system.

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