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There are two sides to the issue of sustainability. On one side is the need to develop material handling systems that make better use of available resources. This side looks at ways to help you cut energy costs, produce less waste and recycle any waste you produce. 

The other side is making sure our own business model is sustainable over the long-term. This side is your assurance well be around when it comes time to service, upgrade or expand your system. 

  • Environmental Sustainability Most often we consider multiple solutions for every material handling problem. We always meet customer specifications, then often offer other options that are more energy-efficient, minimize scrap or increase automation. In one case we created a dust collection system that took potentially explosive dust and turned it into 1 lb. recyclable briquets that were safe and recyclable. Previously the customer was paying $10,000 per month in hazardous material disposal costs. Our system turned that expense into a $1,000 per month profit by putting the material in a form valuable to recyclers. 
  • Business Sustainability Our business has been one long upward curve since 1998. This is due to the investments we regularly make in design technology, manufacturing facilities and a growing workforce. It is also due to the innovative approach we take to engineering that keeps Compass Systems on the leading edge of material handling excellence. 

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